ASAP Components

ASAP Assessments

ASAP Assessments can be used to identify leadership development needs of aspiring and existing school leaders. They can be used to develop professional learning plans or as activities for leadership cohorts.
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ASAP Course Modules

Once the leadership needs of administrative candidates have been identified, the ASAP Modules provide high-quality, interactive learning to increase the participant's knowledge and skills. ASAP Modules qualify for Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credits in many jurisdictions, including 300 clock hours of total credit under the Pennsylvania Inspired Leaders (PIL) program, approved by the state. There are 20 course modules directly correlated to the 2015 ISLLC standards, and meeting or exceeding the state standards in your jurisdiction. Download the PDF catalog of the ASAP learning content.
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ASAP Workbooks

ASAP® Workbooks are available for professional development and school leadership programs for K-12 educators. Each workbook consists of four chapters of study and activities, which can be broken out weekly or monthly, culminating with a project or presentation to be shared at a group learning event. The ASAP Workbooks are aligned with the requirements of the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) and state standards. View the ASAP Workbook Implementation Guide to discover how you can use the Workbooks with your leadership cohorts.
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