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ASAP InBasket: DiversityThe Diversity InBasket simulates the issues that face a busy principal each day while interacting with the broader school community in a diversity-enhanced school.

Schools today are comprised of students with an array of distinct characteristics from a variety of backgrounds. They represent a vibrant cross section of America. As the population grows and expands, so does its diversity.

The concept of diversity is not one dimensional. It includes and extends beyond what is commonly thought to be place of origin or cultural connections. Some of the sources of diversity include ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, ability, religion, and gender identification. Regardless of the particular source, diversity in any of its dimensions presents both opportunities and challenges.

This assessment has 4 components, all of which are scenario based. Each component has a different format, each provides specific directions, and each is self-contained with regard to information and details for completion.

Interacting with a Diverse School Community:
This section contains a series of real-life scenarios in which you will choose a single response from multiple choices.

This section contains real-life scenarios in which you will choose a series of appropriate responses from a list of options, based on how you would prioritize your actions in each scenario related to issues of diversity and promoting human rights.

Written Response:
This section contains a scenario to which you must provide a formal written response. Your response should be well written, articulate, accurate, and appropriately structured.

Complex Cases:
These scenarios will appear throughout the assessment while you are responding to components 1-3. Their purpose is to simulate the sometimes complex events that occur in every school leader’s day.


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