Case Study: Driving Miss Jacobs

Driving Miss Jacobs
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About This Case:

Given the litigious nature of our society and the current educational landscape, leaders are expected to know and adhere to established policy as well as practice situational awareness. Adding to that complexity, it is essential for them to make decisions based on the standards set forth in the profession.

Understanding that a variety of ethical principles (justice, critique, care, and profession to name a few) inform decision making is vital when attempting to lead with integrity and credibility (Marzano, 2005; Shapiro & Stepkovich, 2011).

This case will provide learners with an opportunity to consider how to bring resolution to a situation involving both a legal and ethical issue impacting a middle school and ultimately the district-at-large. The case provides details regarding the situation but offers no solutions; learners will demonstrate proficiency in the given areas by responding to the questions following the case.


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