School Entry Planning

School Entry Planning
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This course module assists new principals, and principals who are changing schools, in being fully prepared for their new leadership role, addressing questions often raised by new principals.

Unlike other course modules in this program, this module is designed around an event—the promotion of an educator to the principalship, or the transfer of a principal from one school to another. For participants who are in either of these situations, work through the entire module before entering the school, if possible, but complete the exercises and assignments in Lessons 3 and 4 once entry has taken place. For participants enrolled in this course module as aspiring leaders who are working toward the position of school administrator, complete the exercises as simulations, using your knowledge of a school or schools you have worked in or are familiar with. In this case it is of additional importance that you use the Course Discussion Forum to share experiences and expectations as you work through the assignments.

The course content provides strategies for common entry issues including pre-entry planning, administrative priorities, developing stakeholder relationships, and norm sensitivity. A comprehensive schema for analysis of a school is also provided.

The course module format is designed to help you prepare for a new principalship position through analysis and reflection. It is hoped that as you complete the practical assignments, you will document and reflect on your perceptions, cognition, judgment, attitudes, motivation, choices, and performance as it pertains to being the ‘new’ principal at your school.

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