Course Module: Community & Parent Relationships


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This course module provides strategies and best practices for guiding parent involvement and developing and sustaining meaningful relationships and partnerships in the broader school community. Creating an environment that values two-way communication with families and stakeholders promotes and supports student success.

The Standard:

Education leaders build and sustain productive relationships with families and other community partners in the government, non-profit and private sectors. They promote understanding, appreciation and use of the community’s diverse cultural, social and intellectual resources. They communicate regularly and openly with families and community partners, and seek their input and support for continuous improvement efforts.”

Developing and sustaining effective partnerships builds mutually beneficial alliances supporting student achievement from elementary through secondary school grades, including such initiatives as school-to-career transitions for graduating students.

Modules contain pre- and post-tests for self assessment. Feedback from each test identifies chapters where additional review is required.

Each chapter contains a workbook with exercises that you will be asked to complete, and resources you can use for continuous learning.


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