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You have 2 hours to complete this assessment. The test will be available for completion from Thursday, May 14, 2020 at 12:01 AM ET through Tuesday, May 19, 2020 at 11:59 PM ET.

talkingThe InBasket for Professional and Ethical Behavior simulates the issues faced by a busy principal each day while working to maintain a sense of visibility and be approachable for all stakeholders.

An educational leader promotes the success and well-being of every student by adhering to ethical principles and professional norms. The effective educational leader nurtures the development of schools that place children at the heart of education; acts in an open and transparent manner; maintains a sense of self-awareness and attends to his or her own learning; and works to create productive relationships with students, staff, parents, and members of the extended school community.

The ethical educator acts as a moral compass for the school or district and safeguards the values of democracy, equity, justice, community, and diversity.

This assessment has 4 components, all of which are scenario based. Each component has a different format, each provides specific directions, and each is self-contained with regard to information and details for completion.

Ethical Decision Making:
This section contains a series of real-life scenarios in which you will choose a single response from multiple choices.

This section contains real-life scenarios in which you will choose a series of appropriate responses from a list of options, based on how you would prioritize your actions in each scenario.

Written Response:
This section contains a scenario to which you must provide a formal written response. Your response should be well written; articulate, accurate, and appropriately structured.

Urgent Issues:
These scenarios will appear throughout the assessment while you are responding to components 1-3. Their purpose is to simulate the complex issues that occur in every school leader’s day, and require consideration of the morals, values, and ethics of the school community.

You can begin the assessment by selecting “Context” from the table below. Once you begin, you will progress through a series of interactive media and questions. You can play the media or view images as many times as you like, as long as you stay on that page. This is meant to mimic the real life opportunity to ask someone to repeat themselves, or for you to look at something for as long as you choose. Once you progress to the next page though, you can no longer go back, just as in real life you cannot go back in time. If you have any unanswered questions, ask them of your cohort leader now, because once you have begun the assessment, you must progress from one question to the next in a timeline that does not allow you to skip a question or go back. Please do not use the “Back” button on your web browser. Proceed through the assessment as directed on the screen.

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